About ICEG

International Culture Exchange Group (ICEG) is a leading producer of arts and entertainment experiences that celebrate and promote diverse cultures. ICEG embraces cultural understanding and tolerance. We believe that in order to promote greater cooperation and respect among people of different backgrounds, it is imperative to break down social barriers and misconceptions. The memorable cultural experiences that we create aim to achieve this goal.

Our Team

Lulu Huang, Founder and President

As a young girl growing up in her native country, China, Lulu Huang realized there was a need to promote diverse cultures and promote greater cooperation and respect among people of different backgrounds. She developed a vision to provide cultural education through entertainment during the holiday season.  The historic Chinese Lantern Festival fueled Lulu’s passion for achieving high goals and bringing others along with her in the process.  She is committed to strengthening the cultural exchange among children and families she lives by an ethic of “taking care of each other and the environment”.  Her ultimate goal is to establish schools for poor children around the world.

In 2011 she started International Culture Exchange Group (ICEG), a Fremont, California based organization, to help make that vision a reality. Since 2011, ICEG has produced several cultural events and celebrations – including Global Winter Wonderland.  Global Winter Wonderland is the first and largest such festival ever presented outside of China. It features elaborate outdoor displays of vibrant color, dazzling lights, and eye-catching designs that contain illuminated lantern displays of iconic landmarks from around the world, fantasy forests, interactive mazes, Santa’s village and more!


“Global Winter Wonderland is ‘a dream come true’ for our City, hotels and local businesses…this is normally a slower time of year for meetings and leisure travelers. Global Winter Wonderland fills this void while also bringing different cultures together to experience this very special event.” -Steve Van Dorn, President & CEO of the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce and Convention Visitors Bureau.

“Seriously, Global Winter Wonderland Atlanta is amazing…never seen ANYTHING like this!” –Paul Milliken, Emmy-Award Winning Fox5 Reporter, Atlanta

“Global Winter Wonderland is great…we’re a tapestry of communities from around the world coming together…” -Jamie Matthews, Mayor of Santa Clara, CA

“In one evening, we were able to see the larger-than-life lantern designs of landmarks from countries all over the world. It’s a great place to get some wonderful holiday photos.” –Angela Gary, Main Street Newspapers, Georgia

“Global Winter Wonderland provided the perfect location for a unique celebration of charitable giving in an environment that exudes holiday spirit and creativity, bringing smiles to the faces of those in need.” -San Francisco 49ers Foundation Exec. Dir. Joanne Pasternack, on ICEG hosting a special event for the Foundation.

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