Lantern Manufacturing

The traditional, yet unique, lantern production begins with in-house designs and ends with the construction into magical, larger-than-life illuminated structures.


  • Experienced artists and illustrators sketch by hand detailed landscapes that fit the overall concept of the project.
  • These designs are digitized, colored and modeled to scale with 3D imaging to be turned into a blue print for the artisans.
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  • Artisans from Zi-Gong, China, with generations of family experience, arrive at the event site up to 8 weeks before the event begins and remain there throughout the construction process.
  • The artisans begin construction by molding wire and welding steel to make the frame of the lantern.
  • Once the framework is complete, energy efficient LEDs are wired to the inside structure.
  • Then, artisans stretch colorful silk across the steel and wire to bring the lantern to life!
  • Final additions such as airbrush paint, recycled items (glass plates, plastic bottles, CDs and medicine bottles) are added to give lanterns a unique look.



Entertainment Production

At ICEG, we strive to incorporate entertainment from all corners of the globe.  Whether we source talent locally or globally, performances will reflect traditions and cultures from around the world.

  • Global Winter Wonderland’s own Circus of Light has showcased acts from Argentina, China, Africa and Russia!  These performances included flying acrobats, fire dancers, jugglers, contortionists and more!
  • In 2015, for the very first time in the United States, Global Winter Wonderland presented Circus of Light Acrobats on Ice featuring traditional and contemporary acrobatic acts performed on ice by famous performers from China.

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Event Production

From conception to execution, every great idea is carefully planned out to give the guest the best experience. Master planning incorporates all the aspects of producing an event and includes combining concepts, designs, logistics, marketing and entertainment into one spectacular event.

Planning – A successful event does not happen overnight.  Months of planning are needed to make sure an event is executed as smoothly as possible.  At ICEG we begin with company-wide meetings to discuss what we learned from previous events and how we can improve on them, brainstorm new design themes and marketing tactics and carefully plan operation needs and logistics.

Execution – Months of discussions, plans and designs finally come to life!  ICEG team members collaborate with local contractors, agencies, community leaders, artists and citizens to produce and operate a successful event.  Some events may take one day to construct and open while others take months of preparation.

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